My Collection of Devotional Quotes

These are all quotes by me.

“The power of friendship is better than any sort of magic/treasure.”

“Reach high, dream big and never give up.”

“Have hope and you’ll fly high.”

“For something to be impossible, it has to be never seen/done by any person in the world.”

“To reach a big dream, you need small dreams.”

“Life is based on fate and fate isn’t your decision.”

“We all need encouraging words, otherwise we won’t exceed.”

“If you’re a perfectionist, you’re an alien. If you make mistakes you’re human.”

“In order to be wise, you must have wings.”

“Exploring means discovering. Discovering means Inspiring. Inspiring means….”

“The journey of life means facing challenges. That’s exactly why god created us. To take risks and learn lessons.”

“If you believe, you’ll go far.”

“Life is meant to be lived, not killed.”

“Look before you hear, therefore, you’ll be right.”

“Instead of giving answer, ask questions.”

“Another name for mistakes is experience.”

“The mirror reflects what I am, not who I am.”

“Happiness should be shown in action, as well as heart.”

“To be a poet, you need words of wonder.”

“The love you give deserves to be given back.”

“Satisfaction is not standard, it’s effort.”

“Honesty is the ability to say a lie called truth.”

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