Exclusive Interview with Maathurya

Recently, I got caught up with my best friend Maathurya and got a chance to interview about her blog: http://www.deliciouslychocolate.wordpress.com. I am glad to say she is a fellow searcher in life. This is what she has to say about life!

Adshayah:  What is your definition of wise?
Maathurya: In my opinion, one who is wise thinks his/her actions through before putting them to action. They will make good choices, and keep righteousness alive in every step of the way. If they feel as though something is wrong, they will work there way to remind others of righteousness. Every living thing is a spark of god, so we all have godly qualities. So this makes us, all in a way, wise. 
AdshayahYou have a blog about wisdom! Why did you create it? What topics do you write about?
Maathurya: I created a blog about wisdom with a thought in mind: If everyone knew the righteous path, the world will become a better place! Few will be cruel to others, and more will have complete faith in themselves and the Supreme Truth. I write about the Supreme Truth and His spiritual teachings because when you learn about them, you take the teachings and put them to good use. This leads to you becoming a better person.
Adshayah: How do you get ideas for your topics?
As you can see so far, I am an EXTREMELY religious person. All my ideas come from Hindu scriptures like the Mahabharat, Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita, and so on. My ideas derive from sayings of God that are beautiful and meaningful(all of them are). More recently, Sri Isopanisad (a book) has been an inspiration of my posts.
Adshayah: I see! What is your favorite quote? Why?
“He alone who truly sees the Lord the same in every creature…seeing the same Lord everywhere, he does not harm himself or others.” was said by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. 
It is my favorite quote because we tend to go looking for the Lord in his ultimate form, but we don’t realize that he is in every living being. We abuse others with our words and actions, therefore harming the Lord. How can the Lord give you happiness when can’t respect his minor form. His minor form is all of us.  
Adshayah: That is so true! Can you name your biggest finding about life?
Maathurya: My biggest finding about life is that no ones fate is a one that is easy to live through. We are here, in this birth, because we have done something wrong in our previous birth. But that doesn’t mean you should think about it too much. The Lord said,” Live in the present. Why! There is no point in thinking of the future because it’s already written out.” 
Adshayah: Do you have any questions for me related to wisdom?
Maathurya: What qualities should a person have to truly be a devotee? What are your favorite books/scriptures on philosophy? What is not the purpose of life?

Do you have any wisdom to offer?

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