The World of Imagination

Imagination is one of the things that’s built into you when you are born. It is like an emotions and it stirs your creativity. It’s something you can’t see/touch, it’s abstract. Everything new, every invention, every idea, every improvement in our life was inspired when someone used their imagination! Imagination is the ability of the human mind to dream & hallucinate things into the future! Our imagination lets us see into other universes; talk with fantastical beings; be observed and analyzed by aliens; peek into the future; and create strange and wonderful worlds. Your imagination is important because it opens the world to new ideas and allows people to act on what they come up with. Our imagination allows us to escape of reality into a world where there aren’t rules & it’s fun! You can’t do anything without first imagining it. Imagination is a very important part of us so ALWAYS IMAGINE. Daydream. It’s what makes us who we are.


Do you have any wisdom to offer?

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