Wishes: They really do happen!

Wishes are such amazing things. Some people have wishes, some people don’t but don’t we all have to take a break from reality and just wish for something amazing to happen? Everything that comes in a big box of wishes is magical. All you have to do is believe. Sometimes, it won’t happen, the way you want, but I promise in the end, there will be satisfaction. Wish upon a star, when it’s shining bright. See what happens, wait and be patient. One day, it will happen…like a miracle! Your wish could be something only you understand. Your wish could be funny or just downright creepy. It’s all up to you….but be positive.

Everyone has a wish at one point in their life. It gives you something to keep you occupied and think. If you believe in magic, then life will be swell for you. Because the whisper of magic is always nearby. It’s not always witches and ghosts….it’s the day spring blooms or the way discovery came to be. Wishes inspire you to be a better person and not live sadly…learn from your mistakes and remember your wish will come true!!! Make a difference with your wish….light it tonight.


Do you have any wisdom to offer?

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